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Afirmo’s Customer Dashboard is your small business command centre, where you can see upcoming events and key tasks as well as where you can navigate through other Afirmo tools. As you use the other tools, the Dashboard keeps a track of things, so you don’t need to.

Feel in control of what’s happening with your business with your Customer dashboard

Your Afirmo Dashboard will revolutionise your enjoyment in running your business. We know. It’s a bold statement, but we’re backing ourselves. Here’s why. Everything you need to manage your business well is at your fingertips on your Dashboard, nothing’s forgotten or overlooked.

Meaning you can immediately see how well your business is performing, what actions you need to take, what bills or taxes you need to pay, and what the future looks like.

Having everything in one place means you only need to enter details once.

So what exactly will you see on your Dashboard?

  • Your Afirmo generated task list so you know what to do next

  • Upcoming events so you can keep up-to-date and track key dates including tax due dates

  • Key renewal dates for business critical services, like your insurance, or domain names will show on the dashboard so you never lose that domain name or insurance cover!

  • Speak to the Afirmo Support team via the live chat or raise a support request from the local team

What are the benefits of the Dashboard?

Want an Income Tax Deadline Extension?

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