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Start Up

You have your business idea, and want to start your business

Sole Trader Superhero

You are a sole trader

Small Business

You own a company or partnership

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Rapid access to everything you need to turn your epic business idea into a money-making machine.

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Afirmo’s done your homework for you – so you save hours of time not having to do the research yourself

Rapid response customer support

All your business basics managed in one place

Afirmo’s Business Set Up Checklist let’s you launch your business quickly

Scale Up

Manage your business finances all in one place with a subscription to our accounting software.

Our Scale Up plans provide as much or as little tax support as you like, with no add-ons or hidden fees.

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Tax and Income returns are included in selected Scale Up plans.

Subject to individual plan, T&C’s apply

Access to accountants for expert support and advice

Financial transparency, know where your money is and what it’s doing

Unlimited expense claims and invoicing

Trusted Partners

Afirmo – for when you are serious about achieving your business ambitions

You need strong business partners for your business to succeed.

Afirmo is here to help. With Afirmo you get:
🚀 The answers to any questions you have about running your business

🚀 Support with setting up and growing your business
🚀 Business ownership confidence and satisfaction
🚀 More time to work on your business, not in it
🚀 Less stress
🚀 Increased productivity

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Become an expert at growing your business

You need to continue to learn and grow to stay on top of all of the areas you are responsible for as the owner of your business.

Afirmo’s learning hub builds your business confidence by helping you:
– Understand business foundations
– Develop a growth mindset
– Increase your productivity
– Feel empowered in effectively managing your business

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A word from Afirmo Customers

Debra Metcalfe

"So far so great!"

Fasith Ali

"Use Afirmo if wanting to start a company in New Zealand with full support, and the best services to get started in business. Thanks to the Afirmo support team!"

Kelly Sawkins
K&M Cleaners

"Awesome business. I am new at this and Afirmo has made it very easy. The lady I talk to face to face with is very helpful, nice and patient."

Amanda Todd
Grumpy Panda Consulting

"Afirmo is such a great tool for my little startup. With Afirmo, I effortlessly have all my tax info and income details readily available, while Afirmo handles the entire process in the background. The customer service is spectacular. It’s never taken Julie and the team longer than 10 minutes to reply to me and they always come back with a resolution."

Verified User
General Maintenance Northland LTD

"Very happy with the services Afirmo has supplied. Very pleasant to talk to and work with and without the app I don't think it would be possible for me to run a business having no experience in accounting. I recommend this to be a very successful app thank you much"

Chloe Chambers
Waiheke Island

“I signed up to Afirmo wondering how much use it would be to my existing business. Turns out it is helping to refine and streamline my business so much! I’m no longer daunted by the end of the tax year. Afirmo’s eBook, The Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Freelancer is particularly inspiring, and the Learning Hub on their website has answered a lot of my questions. It has taught me important things I didn’t know and I am now inspired to create a whole new business with all the tools and support that Afirmo offers. I really wish I’d had Afirmo when I started my first business, as it easily guides you through everything you need for setting up, and beyond. It really is everything is one place!”


"Really efficient and honest advice in regard to taxes. Would definitely consider Afirmo for tax purposes and would recommend to anyone."

James Pomare
General Maintenance Northland Limited

"I highly recommend this app"

Fiona Nagy
Founder, ROXBOX

"Afirmo is an affordable one-stop-shop for managing books, taxes, and professional advice with excellent learning resources. I'm excited to grow with Afirmo!"

Plumbing Services

“I have felt very anxious about not having insurance, but I was really confused about where to start and what I might need – Afirmo’s Insurance Tool stepped me through the options for me and then Afirmo’s insurance brokers very quickly locked in the best deal for me based on what I need right now”.

Matthew Richardson

"Great. The call was on time and very informative. Customer support was fantastic. Afrimo just keeps getting better and better."


"Omg, the lady I spoke to was awesome and so helpful. She made everything so easy after explaining!"

Eugene Urlich

"Very helpful and provides clarity. Also very supportive, amazing support from Julie as always clear and supportive especially with the services that Afirmo can provide. I have to say that Julie is so amazing and patient. She encouraged and helped me throughout my conversation. She is a star 10/10 customer service and a genuine person who cares."


"Very professional. Julie explained where to start and the rundown of things. We used to have no idea how to do anything and now we can get it all started. Thanks for talking with us."

Sudhir Reddy

"My recent interaction with a support staff member was quite satisfactory. She was attentive and patient, managing to understand my queries effectively. Her approach was friendly, and her transparency in problem-solving was appreciated. Overall, this was a good customer service encounter."

Rita Wikiriwhi Pokaitara
Kiwi Choice Ltd

"Fast and easy set up which I like instead of taking forever to set a website up"

George Jakob Nettikaden

"Great support and help from Julie and Narendra"

Dan & Eden

"Spot on advice for beginners. We like the fact that help is always there if needed. Gave us more understanding and helped us know what we were going to do thanks."

Victory Disciple

"Great support. Very to the point and informative."

Taha khan

"Professionals, time efficient, economical. Easy to deal with. Thanks for the services"

Kahn Denton

"Simple and easy to use when you know how. The team have been amazing helping me out and more importantly getting things in order"


"I'm so impressed with the customer support and the way they were helping and explained it clearly. l would recommend Afirmo to anyone."

Melissa Proctor
Blast After School & Holiday Programs Limited

"Everyone is very helpful and the system is so easy to use!"

Aaron Perry
APerry Metalfab

"As a newbie to the sole trader business world, these guys have been a huge help. No question is stupid they keep telling me"

Rohit Joshua
Owner, 3D Creator

"For any one who has a business idea and doesn't know where to start, Afirmo is the right place to kickstart their business journey."

Connie Morgan
Diligent Cleaner

“Afirmo is very easy to use, no fuss, easy to navigate and understand for somebody like myself with no previous experience in business accountancy, and no cost! Love it!”

Tracey Kemp
Freelance Photographer

“Not understanding my tax obligations had been keeping me awake at night. I kept on putting off getting on top of it because it felt overwhelming. Then I checked out Afirmo’s Tax Tool – it’s so helpful – stepping me through what I needed to know at the stage my freelancing career is at, and my corresponding tax obligations. I am all set up and I can sleep at night now!”

Afirmo – founded by business owners, for business owners

– Afirmo business owners Robert Rolls and Mary Fitzgerald

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See how Afirmo compares:

Afirmo vs Hnry

Afirmo allows full financial control for all business types, whereas Hnry acts as a payments provider catering to sole traders. Hnry takes a percentage cut of your earnings while Afirmo tell you what to save while the money sits in your own accounts.


Afirmo vs Xero

Xero’s robust range of integrations and plugins caters well to large and complex organisations who use an accountant alongside their software. Until now, there haven’t been many alternatives for smaller businesses, people who don’t need all the bells and whistles, who are looking for a solution without the price tag.


Afirmo vs Traditional Accountant

There is no denying that an accountant can help you to minimise your tax bills (legally). But with more tax advice comes larger accounting bills, which aren’t justifiable for smaller businesses. Afirmo gives you the best of both worlds – affordable accounting software, and accountants to check your tax returns


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