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Insurance Tool

Afirmo has partnered with leading insurance brokers and Tier One insurance underwriters (the large companies that actually insure you) to bring you a suite of insurance products. Afirmo’s Insurance Tool is integrated with Afirmo’s other tools to bring you some unique benefits.

Protect what you’ve built

You’ve poured your hopes, dreams, time, money, and energy into starting your small business, now’s the time to protect what you’ve built. No one wants to think about things going wrong, but we think it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Afirmo’s got you covered. Whatever industry you’re in or stage your business is at, we’ll help you find the best insurance options for you.

Afirmo’s Unique Insurance Tool

Most online insurance tools are offered by insurance underwriters directly to the public to cut out the broker. The broker can represent the customer (you) or the underwriters. Here at Afirmo we only partner with brokers that represent our customers because when it comes to claim time, we need to know we are all batting for the same side, you!

Afirmo has built a truly unique insurance tool because we collect information from other tools in Afirmo to help protect you better:

  • When you complete your Afirmo Business Profile, Afirmo will help you choose your BIC code (Business Industry Classification). We use this code to identify what insurance cover you should consider

  • If you use Afirmo’s Money Tool and categorise a transaction to an asset, Afirmo will alert you so that you can consider arranging asset insurance for that new purchase

  • If you have business interruption insurance at a set income level and the money or tax tool can see you have grown past that level, Afirmo alerts you to review your cover

Building an integrated small business app with an insurance tool allows Afirmo to embed these features in a unique way to help you keep on top of things.
Insurance is only useful if its current and set at the right levels, based on what your business is up to.

With Afirmo’s Insurance Tool you can:

Who does Afirmo partner with to offer Insurance?

Afirmo is a regulated Financial Service Provider (FSP1003091) governed by the Department of Internal Affairs. Afirmo partners with RMA General Limited, also a registered Financial Services Provider (FSP691192) to offer insurance brokerage services.

RMA General Limited is an insurance broker trading as RMA Financial.

RMA General works with all the leading insurance underwriters including:

American International NZ Ltd. A rating. Group trading since 1919.

Chub Insurance New Zealand Ltd. AA- rating. Group trading since 1882.

Delta Insurance NZ Ltd. A+ rating. Group trading since 2014. (Underwrites on behalf of Lloyds).

Dual NZ Ltd. A+ rating. Group trading since 1994. (Underwrites on behalf of Lloyds).

Zurich Australian Insurance Ltd. AA- rating. Group trading since 1872.

IAG New Zealand Ltd. AA- rating. Group trading since 1859.

QBE Insurance (Australia) Ltd. A+ rating. Group trading since 1886.

Vero Insurance NZ Ltd. AA- rating. Group trading since 2003. Part of Suncorp New Zealand group.

Star Underwriting Agents Ltd. A+ rating. Group trading since 2002.

Hollard Insurance Company Pty Ltd. A- rating. Group trading since 1980.

Guide to financial strength ratings:

AAA Extremely Strong
AA Very Strong
A Strong
BBB Good
BB Marginal

Frequently Asked Questions

What business insurance does Afirmo offer?2023-05-25T13:24:58+12:00

Afirmo’s Insurance Tool means you can (i) upload your insurance policies to your Afirmo profile, so you can get reminders when policies are set to expire (ii) get a quote from our brokers for any insurance types (iii) schedule an online meeting with our insurance brokers (iv) enter your Business Industry Classification code (BIC) and let Afirmo tell you about the possible insurances you should consider based on that classification.

Why should I use Afirmo for my insurance needs?2023-05-25T13:25:34+12:00

Because Afirmo has partnered with a leading NZ based brokerage called RMA Financial. RMA is a full-service insurance brokerage that works with the best insurance companies in the country. These can be found here.

When I use Afirmo to buy my business insurance, does Afirmo make money?2023-05-25T13:26:00+12:00

RMA financial may get commissions from insurance companies and they may pass some of these commissions to Afirmo, dependant on the insurance type and insurer. This is normal in the insurance industry and is built into insurers standard pricing so it won’t cost you anything.

What is embedded insurance and how does Afirmo use it?2023-05-25T13:26:17+12:00

Embedded insurance means Afirmo can embed our insurance service into the app based on other customer activity e.g. we can tell when you have bought a new asset (based on your bank data or expense claim) and can see if you want an insurance quote – or we can see if your revenue has growth above your business interruption policy limit. This embedded nature allows us to uniquely work with you to assess your insurance needs to keep your risk down and keep you covered.

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