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Tax Tool

Afirmo’s Tax Tool allows you to calculate and pay your GST and Income Tax bills with ease. It is suitable for
Sole Traders, Partnership and Limited Liability Companies.

The Tax Tool uses sales invoice, expense claims and bank transaction data to calculate your tax liabilities.

In addition to the Tax Tool, Afirmo offers tax expert support if you need help.

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How It Works

Afirmo Tax Tool

  • You securely link your bank account(s) to Afirmo via an Akahu powered integration (see notes on “how Afirmo links your bank accounts”)

  • You use Afirmo’s Money Tool to categorise your bank transactions

  • The relevant parts of the Money Tool transactions are imported into the Tax Tool. Afirmo uses this information to calculate your tax liability

  • Afirmo calculates your income tax, GST (if any), ACC levies and student loan repayments (if any) and tells you when to pay these to the IRD

  • At the appropriate intervals, Afirmo prepares GST and income tax returns based on the calculated tax information. Each time you log on, you can see how this is progressing – the tax calculations update based on your information

  • You maintain a tax profile within the app so Afirmo tax accountants know your complete tax position. This also helps with the app’s tax calculations

  • You use Afirmo’s deductions calculator to optimise your tax liability

What are the benefits of the Tax Tool?

How Afirmo links your bank accounts

Afirmo uses a partner called Akahu to provide the technology for you to securely link your bank accounts to the app.

Akahu is New Zealand’s open finance platform. Akahu makes it simple to access the data that organisations hold about you, and to share that data with trust third parties such as Afirmo. Afirmo is regulated as a Financial Service Provider (FSP1003091) and is governed by the Department of Internal Affairs.

If you chose to connect accounts to Akahu and Afirmo, you can manage those connections by visiting my.akahu.nz. This allows you to stay in complete control of your data and you can withdraw the connection at any time.

Afirmo uses the bank transaction data to power our business insights tool and our DIY tax tool.

Find out more about Akahu

Follow the account linking instructions to link your bank accounts to the app. We have made the linking process as easy as possible with the help of our partners, Akahu.

You can connect accounts from all major banks in New Zealand including:

  • ANZ Bank

  • ASB Bank

  • BNZ Bank

  • Co-operative Bank

  • Heartland Bank

  • Kiwibank

  • TSB Bank

  • Westpac Bank

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