A clever toolkit for your small biz essentials

Leaving your job and setting up on your own means you now need to not just be good in your area of expertise, you now need to be across all aspects of running a business – the dry, necessary essentials that you may have no understanding of. Sounds stressful!

But don’t stress – no-one knows everything they need to know to run a business – that’s why you need Afirmo’s essentials toolkit.

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Set-up Tool

Get set-up quickly and correctly

When you join Afirmo you will be guided through all the steps you need to take to get set-up quickly and correctly, using our interactive set-up wizard. What does that include?

Mobile Preview - Your Business Profile
Tablet Preview - Your Business Profile

Marketing Tool

Hey, be bold, be seen

When you join Afirmo, you will be guided through all the steps you need to take, to get online, to be bold and to be seen.

Mobile Preview - Marketing Tool
Tablet Preview - Marketing Tool

Insurance Tool

Get risk-averse

Afirmo helps you get the right business insurance cover to manage your risks. Whatever industry you’re in, we’ve worked out the best insurance options for you so you’re not running a risky-business.

Coming Soon

Tax tool

Tax is, well, taxing – and we want to take away as much of the hassle as we can for you. We will offer two ways to manage your tax.

Do-it-yourself (DIY)

  • Invoice customers from the app and let them use our payment link to pay you on time

  • Allow the app to categorise your bank transactions between income and expense types using our AI engine

  • Complete the tax profile and interactive tax deduction wizard to reduce your tax bill

  • Use the Afirmo savings wallets to ensure that you have set aside the right amount of money to pay your GST or income tax

  • Sweep cash into your wallets to stay ahead

  • Pay the IRD the right amount of tax on time direct from the app

Do-it-for-me (DIFM)

  • Invoice customers from the app and let them use our payment link to pay you on time

  • Choose whether to get paid into your Afirmo wallet or your own bank account

  • Let our experts calculate your tax bill with all the right deductions

  • Pay the IRD your tax amount from your Afirmo wallet or your bank account

Coming Soon

Money tool

Coming soon is the Money Tool – a place to manage the money side of running your business, from funding and cashflow options, and wizards to take the pain out of invoicing and expense coding.

  • Invoice customers from your Afirmo app and send them payment links

  • Get paid into your Afirmo wallet or bank account

  • Create savings wallets to allow you to save for GST or income tax

  • Pay other Afirmo business users from your wallet and get paid instantly. No waiting around for hours or the weekends*

  • Analyse your business performance and see your key trends

  • Arrange a bank loan for your small business from the app

* Afirmo has bank accounts with every major bank in New Zealand so you can pay other Afirmo users instantly even at the weekends

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